About company

Delta Riga company was first on post soviet union space, who built and started biodiesel production factory in Nauksene settlement in Latvia in the year 2001.At this moment factory produces 12000 tonns of biodiesel fuel per year, which comply with quality requirements EN 14214.





Contact information

SIA "Delta Riga"
Naukšēni, "Deltas", Naukšēnu pagasts,
Valmieras rajons, LV-4244, Latvija
Reg No 40003537300
VAT No LV40003537300

Krasny Leonid
chairman of board
Phone: +371 29416889
Fax: +371 7340088
E-mail: delta.ri@inbox.lv

Jakovlev Vasily
board member
Phone: +43664 2818591